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Lifetime is game science fictional narrative adventure game about making the most of life. Play as a being who is constantly drawn towards the grave. Equipping different abilities increases what you can experience during your lifetime.

After each play through the game will provide a summary of your experiences in that lifetime and it's duration. The summary will change depending on what experiences the player had during the lifetime. The aim of the game is to "Experience it all" (i.e. to take advantage of all abilities) during a single lifetime.

The current version of the game has 3 abilities available: A Jet Pack, a Rotational Ability (displayed as a transparent sphere around the player), and a "Move forward" ability (red shoes). 

The current prototype displays the intended mechanics of the final release, only 3 abilities are available and they are available from the beginning. In the final release abilities would be locked until the player has explored the world.


Use toggles on main menu to equip abilities.

Shift activates Jet Pack if attached.

Space moves you in your current direction if movement is attached.

Left and Right arrow keys can be used for rotation if the ability is attached.


Known Issues:

No Restriction on player movement.

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Published 81 days ago

Install instructions

Download the project and run the executable from within the same folder as the build data.


Lifetime_Game.zip 24 MB

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