A downloadable game for Windows

Generate a terrain and see if Roos survive.

Up to 500 individually named Roos

Vision Sensors


Roos will manage their 3 Resources: Temperature, Hydration, and Hunger.

Nodes surrounding trees are shaded, water and food nodes contain consumable resources.

Roos loose resources with each step (square/tile/node), a shaded tile will not decrease hydration and will lower temperature.

Roos are only aware of immediately surrounding nodes and the nodes in the vision sensor.

Roos will move to lower nodes if looking for food or water, to higher nodes if looking for shade.

Green Orbs = eating.

Blue Orbs = drinking.

Red Orbs = death


Specify terrain settings using sliders on the title screen.

Camera: WASD (Move), Mouse Wheel (Zoom)

F7: Pause/Unpause

Esc: Quit

Known Bugs:

Sometimes free food

Roo Stuck in Tombstones

Cannot abandon after Roo Death

Terrain Shape after Abandon


Install instructions

Download folder.


Run RooTown.exe


RooTown-ExpoBuild.zip 20 MB

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